Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MIDNIGHT RIOT by Ben Aaronovitch

I picked this one up at a Borders Liquidation sale and sat on it for a while. I wish I hadn't! This book is superb fun.

The plot reads like a grown up Harry Potter or a toned down Sandman Slim. You've got ghosts and demons and sorcerers and River Gods and a macabre Punch & Judy show and plenty of laughs and gore and detective work thrown in. Basically, in London there is a supernatural force about making people kill other people. It's up to two police officers (Grant and Nightingale) to figure out what's going on.

Grant is new to the biz, a rookie on the force, whereas Nightingale is the senior officer (who may as well be Dr. Who) that has to train him in the ways of London Magic.This being book one in the series (I believe) we get to see how Grant comes into the unique position of working for the paranormal police.

Grant spends half of the novel learning his moves, and the next half solving the murders. It makes for a nicely paced book that I was able to get through very fast. The cast of supernatural characters, such as the ghost that witnesses the first murder, and the North London and South London river gods (who have a Hetfield and McCoy relationship with each other) were a blast to read.

I really can find nothing that I didn't enjoy about this novel, other than maybe it seemed a little drawn out in places for the sake of word count. But it didn't hurt my enjoyment. I will definitely be reading the other titles in this series.

4 OUT OF 5 Worms!

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